Some numbers just mean more than others.

My football jersey number in high school was 19. In that jersey, I felt invincible and strong. I felt fearless and courageous. I loved knowing that my friends and family were in the stands watching me, eagerly scanning the players on the field looking for the number 19, and swelling up with pride and excitement when they found it. I was wearing the number 19 on my back the last time my sister ever saw me play football. She passed away shortly after. Since that horrible day, the number 19 means so much more to me. It represents loss, but it also represents remembrance, togetherness, and unity. It represents my mission to honor my sister and all of those who we have lost.

We honor the ones who came before us and set the stage for future generations.

It has always been my personal believe that each of us were born into royalty – kings and queens in our own right. Why? Because each of us has the capacity for greatness, and the ability to forge a future that is strong, powerful, and fruitful. Every day we are called to do better than the day before. We are called upon to create a stronger future for the next generation, to be an example, to life a life filled with integrity, and lift each other up through our individual journeys. We strive to make the choices and live our lives in a way that honors the memory of those we have lost, and to create a future that is bright for those who will follow in our footsteps.


19thKiing is a mission driven organization challenging others to explore their legacy and consider their impact on the world – all while finding ways to bring more positivity and inspiration into their community. We believe that by leaving a positive mark on this world today, we can influence and change the world tomorrow. 19thKiing is spelled with two i’s for a very specific reason. The first i represents the people living today, moving through life making their impact. We believe that everyone is striving for something great today, not just for themselves, but for the children of the future. From there, the second i asks us to all go beyond those limits, surpass expectations, and explore the endless possibility that the future can hold. So, ask yourself: Who have you honored today? What difference have you made in the life of someone else? How have you demonstrated your appreciation for this life? And what will be your legacy? Let’s find out together.


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